The Future is not Bright

Is it wrong to get angry? I don’t watch the news like I used to but I find myself getting angry every time I do anymore.

Disengaging from a lot of social media helps, there’s no doubt about it, but it isn’t enough.

There’s just far too much evil in this world, a world filled with individuals that largely do not care about the lives of anyone but themselves. Sure, many give lip service to it but as soon as someone else’s life gets in the way of their convenience all pretense of love and compassion goes out the window.

What makes it worse than anything is, at least in the US, there is nothing anyone can do about it. Barbaric laws like the 2nd amendment and stand-your-ground laws ensure the cruelty isn’t just a bug but the entire point. Those who speak up are, at best, ignored and, at worst persecuted for it.

To date I feel like I’m lucky to be in the ignored column but that’s largely because I don’t speak up nearly like I should. Will it help? How long before those who speak up find themselves breaking the law for doing so?

The future is not bright.